ProForce Training

At ProForce we offer you over 100 hours of training throughout the year. On top of that you will be given access to ProForce exclusive training materials.

Preseason Trainings
Preseason trainings are offered once weekly from January until the summer starts. These trainings are crafted with you in mind. We want you to hit the ground running when the summer starts.

Summer Training
You will be given the ability to be a part of our morning training meetings throughout the summer. Our morning meetings usually last for an hour before you leave to go knock on doors. Our reps find that having a training meeting before they get started knocking always starts them off on the right foot. In these meetings, the owners of ProForce along with our top reps will train you on the sales skills you need to improve in order to reach your potential. You will be recorded giving your sales pitch to another person in the meeting and will get to watch how you look, and hear how you sound as you deliver your sales pitch. That way we can help you fix any nonverbal and paraverbal communication that may be leading to not getting all the sales that you know you can get.

Training Literature
ProForce’s training manual was created after over 10,000 hours of knocking on doors, reading the best selling books on sales and communication, shadowing reps that have sold over 900 accounts in a summer, and developing a one-of-a-kind company. It was developed to help everyone from the least experienced to the most experienced reps get better every single day.

Training Videos
Our video training library is always growing to include more sales personalities. We don’t just want you to just read about how your body language should be when selling; we want to show you.

On-the-Door Training
Part of our team leaders’ and regional managers’ job is to go on the doors with every single rep within their first week of sales. You will have the opportunity to see how they sell, and they will watch you as you knock doors. After they have watched you knock doors they will give you a few things to work on, which will most quickly change the amount of sales you make.

Extra Training
Our managers are always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. We will do personal trainings with you before the training meeting in the morning, or even use part of our lunch brake as time to go knock some doors with you if you need or want that extra training.

Management Training Program
We treat all reps as potential future managers, by giving you an opportunity to lead part of your team for a few weeks during the summer. We will give you a list of things to focus on and a bonus at the end of those few weeks if you accomplish your goals. You can use this experience as a resume builder and as an opportunity to progress at ProForce.

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