ProForce’s Unique Advantage

Here are a few scenarios to help those who haven’t sold understand this advantage.

Scenario 1

Imagine knocking doors in the South East. It is humid and there are a lot of bugs, all kinds of bugs. The creeks and forests and wet lawns all lead to a mosquito problem. So when you are knocking on peoples doors telling them that you want to take care of their bug problem, most of them assume that you also mean mosquitos, especially during the summer when they are at their worst. Now imagine that the company you sell for doesn’t do mosquito control, due to not having a mosquito license (which is different from a pest control license), or the equipment. Now when that person who seemed interested in buying asks you about how that is going to take care of the mosquitos. You are left with two options lie to them and hope they don’t cancel on you before you get paid (horrible option, if this is even an option for you then you don’t belong at ProForce), or you can tell them the truth, that you can’t do anything about them. By telling them you can’t do it, the customer loses interest, and finds a company that can take care of them on Google.

Scenario 2

Imagine the situation is similar to the first. The main difference is that the company you sell for offers mosquito control, but when you sell it you are locking the customer into a $400 mosquito contract along with a $450 pest control contract. We have found that while interviewing reps who sell with companies that have a similar set up only sell 1%-5% of their customers a mosquito service. The mosquito program that ProForce has set up has enabled our reps to sell 20%-35% of their customers a mosquito services. The mosquito service that we offer, like all of our services, uses the best products and equipment known to mosquito control providers. When developing this program for our company, the sole purpose was to enable our sales reps to be able to close more customers and generate more commissionable revenue. That is why we don’t do mosquito accounts as a contract, and why we allow you to price them as low as we do. Schedule a meeting and we will show you why this advantage will make a difference of at least $2,000.

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