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The ability to offer pest, mosquito
and termite accounts to potential customers.

Have the ability to sell every house that you knock on.

One advantage that ProForce has is the ability to sell pest and mosquito accounts. If you have ever sold pest control for a company who either doesn’t offer mosquito control or for a company who’s pricing on mosquito control is too high, then you will quickly realize how much of an advantage you have by selling for ProForce. 

At ProForce we find the neighborhoods that are most effective to knock in, where the people who live there can afford our services. Unlike other summer sales companies you will not have to run a lengthy time-consuming credit check to approve a customer. Because ProForce has never sold our customers to another pest control company, you will not be limited to what companies you can switch customers over from. Most of our customers were previously with another company and switched to ProForce to get more bang for the buck.

  • Have the ability to sell every house that you knock on.
  • Selling a service you are proud of and believe in.
  • Be part of a professional and supportive sales team.
  • Offering more, higher quality services than your competitors.
  • Get your backend checks sooner.
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See What Our Reps Say

"I never thought I’d do summer sales. I’d never sold anything before, but I’d heard stories and seen the stereotypes. I’d been bribed with vacations and other “perks” by pushy recruiters. ProForce was different. I didn’t feel like a number to them. They were open and honest with me about what I could expect, and provided all the training I needed to excel. With ProForce you get to sell the best service, and the most additional services, so you have more ways to attract customers. Selling for ProForce enables me to reach my personal and financial goals years ahead of what I thought was possible. ProForce brings more to the table than any other summer sales company, but don’t just take my word for it -come and see for yourself."

Jesse First Year: 260 Accounts Served

"I started in summer sales with a big-name pest control company and sold 103 accounts. After cancellations I was under 100 accounts, which led me to drop into an 18% commission bracket. I am glad I gave summer sales a second shot with ProForce. My first summer I sold 228 accounts with ProForce. The trainings, team, leadership, and the ability to sell mosquito accounts made the difference. I recommend ProForce."

JD First Year: 228 Accounts Served

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