If you have done summer sales before, then you know how important these 5 things are.

Have the ability to sell every house that you knock on.

At ProForce we find the neighborhoods that are most effective to knock in, where the people who live there can afford our services. Unlike other summer sales companies you will not have to run a lengthy time-consuming credit check to approve a customer. Because ProForce has never sold our customers to another pest control company, you will not be limited to what companies you can switch customers over from. Most of our customers were previously with another company and switched to ProForce to get more bang for the buck.

Selling a service you are proud of and believe in.

ProForce is an innovative pest control company. You will be proud of the service that you will be offering your potential customers. Our sales reps who came to us from previously selling for other companies like that we not only offer a superior general pest control service to that of other companies, they enjoy being able to offer our customers mosquito services and termite services as well.

Be part of a professional and supportive sales team.

From the sports you play to the companies you work for, those who surround you will always have an effect on your success. As a family owned business, this statement means a lot to us. When we hire sales reps, service staff, and executive staff, we only hire those who are going to bring value to all who interact with them. Our team inspires each other.

Offering more, higher quality services than your competitors.

We know that there is more than one kind of customer in the world. Some customers buy regardless of price, they are only looking for the best they can get. ProForce offers just that. The second type of customer wants to save money. With our price and service flexibility you will be able to cater to those customers as well. The last type of customer is the kind who wants to bundle multiple types of service, such as pest control, mosquito control, and termite services. Great news! At ProForce you will be able to help all three types of customers.

Get your backend checks sooner.

Backend checks are important to you as a sales rep. It is where you will be paid a large portion of your summer earnings. With most companies, you won’t see your last check until sometime the following year. This is a way for companies to allow their poor retention rates affect how much money you make. At ProForce, we know that you need your money to pay for things like tuition, and we are sure you would like to use it to buy Christmas presents with as well. That is why we pay our backend checks sooner. Your last backend check will be paid on December 10th of the same year you sold.

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